Everybody wants to stay healthy & find "healthy" food options, but sometimes it's too expensive, or inconvenient. We understand! That's why we're sharing some of the healthier options on the most popular drive-thru menus!

  • The Burger King Tender Grilled Chicken Garden Salad - 300 calories
  • Taco Bell's Beef Soft or Hard Taco - 150-200 calories
  • McDonald's Grilled Snack Wrap (W/Honey Mustard) - 260 calories
  • KFC Tender Roast Sandwich - 300 calories

These are just a few of a much longer list! You can get a more in-depth calorie count with some pics & links, here!


You may not know about Mason's transformation! Graduating high school close to 300lbs, Mason is down around 200 these days & he lost weight while eating fast food! Check out the before & after pics!



Mason's advice if you want to lose weight? 

"Go for a walk! That's where I started. Drink more water & less soda. You also don't need to stuff your face with french fries. When I STOPPED mega-sizing everything, I stopped gaining weight. Slow down calorie intake & speed up your calories burned. Willpower is a big part of it. If you really want to lose weight, you know what you have to do."

Pic: Photobucket