You've heard of the cross fit fad, right? Flipping GIANT tires, pulling on giant ropes & jumping on all kinds of stuff. Here's an example:


16% of people drop out of cross fit after injury, according to this. Now, here are some examples of how cross fit could SERIOUSLY hurt you.

1 - Detatched Retnas
One guy working with tension bands had the rubber strap snap & fly back into his eye.

2 - Rhabdomyolysis
When you work TOO hard, the fibers in your muscles could break down & release their cells into your blood stream. That could lead to kidney failure & possibly death.

3 - Men at higher risk
Likely, because we're stubborn. Women are more likely to ask for trainer assistance.

4 - Your back & shoulders are most at risk.
There is an average of about 3 injuries for every 1000 hours of CrossFit.

5 - You'll pee your pants. (Watch this video, he will explain.)