Summer is slowing drawing to a close.  While that may be depressing for some, others see it as a chance to save some money on key items! put together this list of things you should buy in September!


Appliances - Refrigerators are best bought in May, but for all other appliances, look no further than September and October.

Bicycles -Cycling season is drawing to a close, and manufacturer's are announcing next years models this month.

Cars -Auto manufacturers start rolling out next year's models at the end of the summer, which means they're starting to clear out the older ones. If you don't mind getting a 2014 model, you can probably get a good deal right now—especially if you haggle down the price.

Lawnmowers -You probably won't be mowing the lawn once it's freezing outside, so stores are getting rid of their summer gear in favor of winter-oriented items.

Holiday Airfare -The best airfare deals come eight weeks before you travel, which means that September is the month to start buying your plane tickets for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other end-of-year holidays.

School Supplies -Back to school sales have been going on for awhile, but now that school's actually starting for everyone, you may discover a few things you forgot to buy.

Wine - Harvest season is in full swing and most winemakers are releasing new stuff, so now's the time to stock up.

Photo: Shutterstock