Movoto calculated the stress of each state based on 6 factors.  So where did Missouri and Illinois rank on this list? See the map below.


Stress Factors

-Percentage of pop. with long commute time


-hours worked

-population density

-% of income spent on housing

-% of population without health insurance

Top 10 Most Stressed States

1. Florida - unemployment high/no health insurance

2. Georgia - extraordinarily long commute times

3. New Jersey - population density too high

4. California - large % of income spent on housing and living expenses

5. Nevada - high % of population with no insurance

6. Illinois - stupid high commute time...mainly Chicagoland area

7. New York - population density by county is HIGH

8. Maryland - more long commute times

9. North Carolina - unemployment rate is high

10. Arizona - another state with a large % having no insurance