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The Greatest Hits of the 70s and 80s for St. Louis

Mason and Remy

The 10 Most Stressed Out States in America


Movoto calculated the stress of each state based on 6 factors.  So where did Missouri and Illinois rank on this list? See the map below.


Stress Factors

-Percentage of pop. with long commute time


-hours worked

-population density

-% of income spent on housing

-% of population without health insurance

Top 10 Most Stressed States

1. Florida - unemployment high/no health insurance

2. Georgia - extraordinarily long commute times

3. New Jersey - population density too high

4. California - large % of income spent on housing and living expenses

5. Nevada - high % of population with no insurance

6. Illinois - stupid high commute time...mainly Chicagoland area

7. New York - population density by county is HIGH

8. Maryland - more long commute times

9. North Carolina - unemployment rate is high

10. Arizona - another state with a large % having no insurance

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