We've had a lot of different opinions pop up over the last couple days about what has been going down in the STL suburb of Ferguson.

Saturday afternoon, 18 year old Michael Brown was shot to death by a Ferguson police officer who's now on paid administrative leave. The investigation into this incident has been turned over to the FBI today, after last night 300 officers were out in the area. More than a dozen businesses were looted after riots broke out. A Quik Trip gas station was burned to the ground after the looting began there, after sundown. The community wanted to come together to remember Mike Mike in a candle light vigil, but the evening ended with the national news spotlight shining on us for all the wrong reasons.

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Today, we told people if they wanted to talk about what is happening in our city to call into the show. Listen to the Podcast from 6-8am where we were gathering news & passing it along as the sun came up & we could see what had happened. We also wanted to get your thoughts on Facebook. Listen below to the show from our iHeartRadio channel & see what people have been saying today.

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