Someone did a "scientific" study on which states are most like a country song. Missouri did well...apparently Illinois is not like a country song (according to this ranking).


Top 5 States

1. Oklahoma

2. Texas

3. Missouri

4. Louisiana

5. Arkansas

The criteria they used:

Pickup Trucks: all large truck vehicles registered to a retail buyer (excluding fleet sales).

Drinkin: Per capita beer and liquor consumption 

Baby Done Left: Percentage of men and women who are divorced or separated 

Most religious: Percentage of population that says religion is an important part of their daily life.

Cowboys and Cowgirls: Since there’s no cowboy directory we simply measured the number of cattle and calves per square mile.

Hall of Fame Country Musicians: Number of country musicians in the Country Music Hall of Fame who were born in each state.

Dirt Roads: Miles of unpaved roads managed by the Federal Highway Administration. 

Supports the Troops: Active military personnel in each state.

Works Until the Day Is Through: Ranked from lowest unemployment rate to highest.

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