1. Midwesterners are some of the most hospitable people you'll ever meet.  If you are one...you know this.  There are some other stereotypes we just can't seem to shake though! 

2. Lots of controversy surrounded the mother who took to Facebook to vent her frustrations about her son's preschool.  The school where her son attends saw the post and expelled him!! 

3. We thought the 'Sexiest Male Names of 2014' was kind of a let down...mainly cuz Mason & Remy didn't make the list.  If your name is Mark or William you'll be happy thought!

4. Everyone loves to see grounds crew members having fun on the field right!?  That was the case this week when the 'Diamond Cutters' got down to Taylor Swift's new jam!

5. We had a lot of clicks on Allen Craig's home listing! It's on the market in Chesterfield for $799,900.  Take a tour of the house from the link below!