1. Florida Georgia Line's management is being sued for $15M after a verbal 'contract breach' with a promoter in Utah.  Read the story below...who's side are you on!?

2. This week the world was introduced to Audrey McGraw, Tim McGraw's daughter.  This 12-year-old opened her father's acoustic pre-show and blew the crowd away!!

3. Remy thinks this video shows a REAL BIGFOOT.  Congratulations to the guy who posted this video for getting millions of views for what appears to be a tree stump.

4. Mason set a date for his wedding! (September 5th, 2015)  We talked about this list of 'Bad Wedding Dates' and it got a lot of views.  

5. There were lots of curious viewers to the iPhone 6 'leaked' photos.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't...but everyone is excited for the new release!