Whether it's a float trip or a family bbq there is most likely a cooler involved.  Apparently, there is strategy and technique involved when packing the cooler.  Check out the tips below!


1. Pack the cooler at least 2 hours before guests arrive - nobody likes lukewarm beer

2. Bagged ice is best - it's the perfect size and you'll still have some ice for cocktails from your own freezer.

3. Layering is key - beer cans first, then ice, then beer, then ice

4. Cans on bottom, wine on top - traditionally wine isn't supposed to be served as cold as beer.

5. Add water - after you've added ice, pour in a pitcher of water.  This will help make it  super cold!

6. Have a back-up plan - always have a cache of cold beer ready to go in an extra cooler or refrigerator.

7. Extra ice - always have extra ice...