Remy and his wife have been trying to start a family and are growing a bit impatient.  Research on the internet has proven unsuccessful as well.  Fertility boosting pills, magical charms & diet choices to make you 'more fertile.' 

Where do we begin!??! Just stay patient? Let nature do its thing?

Fertility Symbols for Conception

1. Hazelnuts - In ancient Ireland, the Celtics believed that the Hazel tree was a very fertile being. Hazelnuts were carried in pockets or strung together and hung in the home to symbolize fertility.

2. Mistletoe - Mistletoe evolved the ability to grow on branches of trees, which allows it to spread quickly. Celtic Druids believed mistletoe had the power to bestow life and fertility.

3. Pomegranate - In Feng Shui, the pomegranate is a symbol of fertility because of its many red seeds. Place a painting of a pomegranate with lots of seeds or an artificial pomegranate in your bedroom. 

4. Lotus Flower - The lotus flower is the highest symbol of fertility in the Hindu culture. It represents purity because lotus flowers grow in muddy waters but remain untouched by the impurities.

From: Everyday Family

Photo: Shutterstock