Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon separated back in May but it looks like divorce lawyers are saying divorce is imminent.  

TMZ reports, "Nick's appearance on Big Boy's radio show in March was the beginning of the end. Nick played Big Boy's game -- name the 5 celebs you've slept with. Nick named 5, but our sources say the one that made Mariah insane was Kim Kardashian."

A Canadian border official has been fired after accepting a $10,000 bribe from Justin Bieber's camp to let people with criminial record's into the country. No word on consequences for Bieber's camp.

...and Antonio Banderas is starring in a new movie called 'Automata.'

"Automata is an epic futuristic vision of a human civilization finally overtaken by artificial intelligence, as the Earth’s ecosystem verges on collapse. It tracks an insurance agent for robotics corp. ROC, who investigates a seemingly routine case of robot manipulation."

Photo: Getty Images