Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter & New Kids on the Block singer Brian Knight have just released their first video for 'Nick & Knight' called One More Day. Check out the new music video below...what do you think?!

Julianne Hough will be returning to Dancing w/the Stars as a judge! She will not be replacing there will be 4 judges.

...and Britney Spears has been accused of lip-syncing...again!!! You'd think after the video of her unedited studio session came out she'd want to clear her name...nope!

"If you listen closely to the performance video, you can make out some of Spears' vocals under Sia's more charactered voice," Colin Stutz writes for Billboard. "That's because, most likely, Spears uses Sia's track as an in-monitor guide when she sings. Only this time it was put into the house mix, making for an embarrassing accident." From