Just because your BBQ is a casual event, doesn't mean it should take any less planning.  There are some tips and tricks you can follow that will make your BBQ feast look good and taste good too!


1. Serve less meat but buy the expensive stuff.  Make sure your meat tastes good!

2. Focus on vegetables.  Serve charred veggies with dipping sauces instead of potato chips.

3. Make your own dry rub. A simple combination of paprika, chili powder, brown sugar, oregano, salt & garlic should do the trick.

4. Start with high heat, move to medium and then low.  This seals in the juices and cooks your burgers evenly.

5. Cook everything at 140 degrees and above. Food poisoning is bad.

6. Serve fruits as dessert.  Angel food cake and fruit with some Cool Whip! NOM!