Whether you jumped on the soccer bandwagon or not, you have to admit that soccer fever swept the nation so hard.  

5 Reasons to Be Proud of Team USA

1. Tim Howard: America's soccer angel.  Time Howard made World Cup history with 16  saves in a single match, the most in cup history.  Nicely done Howard.

2. The Best Fans in the World: US fans took their support to Twitter. #USA was tweeted of 6 million times during the tournament...more than ANY OTHER COUNTRY!  Brazil came in second with 2 million.  #WeLoveTwitter

3. Determination: USA's Michael Bradley ran further than any other player in the tournament - 23.61 miles!  That's determination and LOTS of cardio.

4. US Soccer is improving: This is the first time USA made the knockout round in back-to-back World Cups! USA a superpower?? Maybe.

5. Tim Howard: A bald-headed angel without wings...truly incredible.


Photo: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images