Men's Health went through a normal day and pointed out all the things you're doing and why they are wrong.  It may just be routine OR you may have thought these habits were beneficial...nope!


Brushing your teeth AFTER breakfast: Brushing after eating acidic foods-especially fruit and juice-can weaken enamel which could lead to discoloration or greater odds of cracks and chips.

Commuting with the windows down: Air pollution on highways can be up to 10 times what it is in the burbs and diesel fumes may contribute to headaches, cancer, and heart disease.

Microwave your lunch in plastic: BPA-free? It’s better, but not perfect. Phthalates can still leach into your food, potentially damaging sperm and altering hormones.

Driving home after happy-hour: People with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of just .01 percent-well below the .08 legal limit-are 46 percent more likely to cause a crash than drivers who are totally sober.

Checking work email before bed: Managers who use their smartphone for work after 9 p.m. wake up groggy and a large Singaporean study shows that too little sleep can raise your odds of dying of stroke.

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