In true Missouri fashion we'll being hearing fireworks for the next several nights as the 4th landed on a Friday this year.  Some are guessing injuries related to fireworks will double this year.  Buzzfeed put together a list of 275 ways Americans hurt themselves - badly - with fireworks. Below are just a few.


1. Amputation - 25 year old holding roman candle which went off in hand. Small finger tip amputation.

2. Puncture - 34 year old received puncture wound to foot when shot by fire cracker at home.

3. Foreign bodies - 23 year old had mortar firework explode into eye. Blast injury, facial laceration. 

4. Contusions - 34 year old was a spectator at friends home when mortar fire exploded near face. Corneal abrasions.

5. Burns - 22 year old grabbed sparkler has burn to fingers second degree burns on multiple fingers.