Some of these food are pretty self-explanatory.  We know that drinking soda isn't the best choice liquid when trying to quench our thirst.  However, there are some surprises on this milk.  We thought it did a body good?

So the moral of the story...all foods are terrible, stop eating. lol! We've listed the top 10 below.  See the FULL LIST HERE

Worst Possible Foods

1. Soda - the primary culprit in the obesity epidemic

2. Hot Dogs - processed meats lead to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

3. High calorie pastries - obviously, over-consuming these can lead to health problems.

4. Canned fruit - in order to preserve they can it with heavy amounts of sugar.

5. Artificial sweetener - linked to cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes.

6. Farmed salmon - can be loaded with carcinogenic chemicals, flame retardants, antibiotics and pesticides...yum.

7. Microwave popcorn - respiratory risks, linked to Alzheimer's and cancer and the chemicals line these the popcorn bags also very harmful

8. Swordfish - high in mercury, stunts brain growth

9. Hydrogenated oils - processed food relies on these for preservation but causes cancer and makes you fat.

10. Condiments that require no refrigeration - drenched in food coloring, sweeteners, chemicals, salt and other preservatives that will keep them "fresh." Leads to premature heart disease.

...16. Milk