The Midwestern states seem to have developed their own meaning for certain words in the English language. Buzzfeed put together a list of 20 words that have a different meaning in the Midwest and we want to know if you think its accurate.


Here are the top 5:

1. Winter

Everywhere Else: Season lasting from December to Mid-March.

Midwest: A literal hell that seems to never end.

2. Pop (MO says 'Soda')

Everywhere Else: A sound, or maybe what you would do with a pimple.

Midwest: A carbonated beverage that's tasted delicious.

3. Lakes

Everywhere Else: A body of water.

Midwest: The best swimming pool

4. Manners

Everywhere Else: If you make eye contact and smile your manners are outta this world.

Midwest: People going out their way to hold open doors, smile at you, and sometimes even talk to you!

5. Cornhole

Everywhere Else: Something people tell you to shut.

Midwest: The best game to play at family reunions, bbq's & pretty much anywhere else.