Mason just proposed and now has a fiancee!! (SEE PROPOSAL HERE) They are in the preliminary stages of planning a wedding and anyone who has planned a wedding knows it can be overwhelming.  To start, weeding out some of these outdated wedding traditions could be a good thing.


Here are the top 10

1. The garter toss - this tradition dates back to the 14th century.  Supposed to be good luck to grab a piece of the bride's dress.

2. 'Giving away' the bride - this dates back to when daughters were 'property of their fathers' and are now 'property of the husband'

3. The bouquet toss - for the same reasons as the garter toss...brings good luck.

4. Not seeing each other before the wedding - this dates back to a time when arranged marriages were a thing. It was believed that if the couple saw each other before the wedding it would give them a reason to run away.

5. Smashing cake into each others faces - waste. of. cake.

7. Throwing rice - 9 out of 10 optometrists will advise against this.

8. Wearing a veil - people in ancient Rome believed that evil spirits would get to the bride before the wedding so they put a veil over the face.

9. Bride's family paying for the wedding - because of the economy this just doesn't seem fair anymore.

10. The dollar dance - if guests are already shelling out hundreds of dollars in gifts and travel they shouldn't have to pay money to dance with the bride or groom.