Now that the summer concert season is upon us, we'll all be attending nonstop country shows! This list is a collaboration of things we'll all experience at one point or another!! 

14 Things You Experience When Attending a Country Concert

1. The cowboy boot pat down being more thorough than your purse.

2. CAUTION: stampeding over people to get that perfect lawn seat regularly happens. SPOILER ALERT: there is no perfect lawn seat.

3. Grocery money will go straight to that one bottle of water and occasional treat you'll share with three of your friends.

4. If you're ready to consume alcohol then you might as well take out a loan.

5. Sitting in the seats is like leaving a party at 10pm

6. As hard as the staff tries, those porta-potties will never be considered a bathroom.

7. We all know that one girl who gets too 'white-girl wasted' before the second act comes on stage.

8. And you can't forget that one girl who sells those fun lights that no one buys.

9. The security cards harder than any bar and a good number of us have spent time in "concert jail"

10. You can find all the high school fans with their backs facing the stage lined along the back wall of the venue.

11. But, the artists love the crowds here, especially the lawn.

12. It's totally acceptable to hop over the steel hurdles in the parking lot because walking around them is obviously too much work.

13. Having a true parking lot party after the concert is over completes the night.

14. Country concerts NEVER disappoint!! Even if it's just getting a picture with Mason & Remy :)