A recent study warns of what food-service workers do in retaliation to mean or rude customers. In this survey, about 500 waiters and waitresses admitted to retaliating in various ways to customers who upset them.

Notice that 'messing with your food' is really low on this list...


Are you a waiter or waitress? Can you confirm if these are true? Comment below:

1. Making fun of the customers behind their backs 79%

2. Lying 78%

3. Purposefully making them wait longer for their order 65%

4. Ignoring them 61%

5. Being rude right back to the customer 52%

6. Arguing 43%

7. Flatly refusing a perfectly reasonable customer request 25%

8. Confronting a customer about a crappy tip 19%

9. Insulting the customer to his face 14%

10. Secretly increasing the tip (as in, on a credit-card payment) 11%

11. Doing something gross to the food 6%

12. Threatening the customer 5%