Mason is getting married next year and is currently in the planning phase.  There seems to be so many different angles and traditions to keep in mind for his special day.  We found a list of some vintage wedding traditions he might want to incorporate!


What things would you add to the list!?

1. Write a letter to your significant other the night before.

2. Slip a coin in your shoe for good luck.

3. Tuck a sugar cube into your glove.

4. Plant a pine tree the day before your wedding outside your home.

5. Affix ribbon with a ring attached to your cake — whoever gets it is bound to be married next!

6. Definitely freeze a slice of your wedding cake to have on your one-year anniversary.

7. Ask your grandmother for her favorite secret beauty tip to incorporate the day of the wedding.

8. Create a wedding arch out of things found from your childhood backyard.

9. Have your father hand a sword over to the groom to welcome him into your family.

10. Carry a family heirloom down the aisle to give to the next generation of women in your family.

Photo: Mark Romine