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The Greatest Hits of the 70s and 80s for St. Louis

Mason and Remy

10 Sexiest Male Names of 2014

10 Sexiest Male Names of 2014

What's in a name!? Apparently, A LOT! The dating site collected data to determine which men get the most dates in a year based on their names.

Names such as George or William are synonymous with greatness and success.” 


The list may a bit skewed as names like Noah & Liam aren't as plentiful as Mark or George.  It seems this survey isn't a level playing field.  Or, we're just bitter because Mason & Remy aren't on the list...

1. Mark

2. George

3. Harry

4. William

5. Antonio

6. Andrew

7. Matthew

8. David

9. Richard

10. Christopher

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