does market analysis on different locations around the country.  This one struck our fancy cuz ya know we're in Missouri!! We think that missed out on one very vital part of being in Missouri...FLOAT TRIPS!!! Do you agree with the list below?


1. Missourians toe the line between nice and too nice

2. They will stop their cars in the middle of the road for a good chat

3. People in Missouri have trust issues because of the weather man

4. Baseball is Missouri's favorite pastime

5. In Missouri, we take frog giggin' seriously

6. Missourians are Friday night tailgaters and bonfire party-ers

7. We watch a thunderstorm like its a TV Show

8. Everyone pledges allegiance to IMO's Pizza

9. Natives can tell what time of year it is by whats dead on the road

10. Missouri is one part southerners and one part midwesterner