Six months ago, an animal shelter in Chicago took in a six-week-old pit bull named Rex, who'd been born with NO FRONT LEGS.  He was also abused, poor little guy.

Unfortunately, no one was willing to adopt him, so they planned to put him down. Luckily, a group called Rescue Warriors took him in just MINUTES before that happened.

24-year-old Kimberly Boshold and her boyfriend, Kevin, happened to see a photo of Rex online, and offered to take care of him for a few weeks. Once they saw how sweet he was, they decided to KEEP him.  (Hurray!)

They renamed him Cole, and an organization called Eddie's Wheels built a custom wheelchair for his front legs so he can get around.

Kimberly is now determined to help other disabled animals find homes.

Check out her Instagram page, it's basically ALL about Cole. And she set up a Facebook page to raise awareness, too!