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The Greatest Hits of the 70s and 80s for St. Louis

Cindy Collins

Annoying TV Habits

Annoying TV Habits


What makes you crazy when you're watching television with someone?  A new survey found America's Top 10


1.  Constantly asking what's going on or why something happened.


2.  Clicking through the channels too often.


3.  Taking a phone call during a show.


4.  Eating loudly.


5.  "Predicting" what's going to happen.


6.  Making too many jokes or sarcastic comments.


7.  Hogging the remote control.


8.  Forgetting to record something for someone else.


9.  Deleting someone's show from the DVR before they watch it.


10.  Revealing spoilers you saw online. 



(Female First)

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