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'Frankenburger' Has Now Been Cooked, Served

'Frankenburger' Has Now Been Cooked, Served
Posted Monday, August 5th 2013 @ 10am  by Kate Seamons, Newser Staff

(NEWSER– The $330,000 "Frankenburger" was cooked and eaten at a London press conference today, and it turns out we have Sergey Brin to thank for the blessed event. The Google co-founder put up the aforementioned cash needed to create the first lab-grown burger, a move borne from a concern for animal welfare. "When you see how these cows are treated, it's certainly something I'm not comfortable with," he explains in a 6-minute video for theGuardian.

But enough about Brin, and more about the taste of the patty, which was made from the stem cells of cattle. Reactions, per the BBC:

  • Chicago-based author of Taste of Tomorrow, Josh Schonwald: "The mouthfeel is like meat. I miss the fat, there's a leanness to it, but the general bite feels like a hamburger. What was consistently different was flavor."

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